Sponsor Spotlight – Holly Ridge Center

Holly Ridge Center is the Bremerton Farmers Market 2018 Kids Day & Healthy Communities Day sponsor. We are very grateful for all the support they provide the market and our community with their amazing programming and generous hearts! Check out all the good they are doing and visit their website for more information!

Organizations Mission:
Holly Ridge Center’s mission is to enable children and adults with differing abilities to reach their fullest potential, creating a positive and lasting impact on the community.

Tell us a bit about your community programming:

Holly Ridge Center has two programs that serve children and adults with differing abilities.
Holly Ridge Center’s Infant Toddler Program is a neurodevelopmental and early learning center providing early intervention services for children ages birth to three. Our program also supports families with education and training so that each child gets the best start possible.  Our pediatric staff has extensive, specialized experience and training. Each member of our team is licensed and/or certified by the State of Washington in their specific discipline. They provide a variety of services in homes and community child care centers as well as in small groups at one of our many sites throughout Kitsap and North Mason Counties.

Adult Employment Services program creates competitive integrated employment opportunities in community businesses for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our Adult Employment Consultants have extensive experience and training in workforce diversity.  Businesses who hire people of differing abilities report lower staff turnover rates, decreased training and recruitment costs, higher customer satisfaction, improved morale, and also better performance for work teams.

Any upcoming events, fundraising campaigns, or outreach you would like the public to know about?:

Holly Ridge Center is expanding and buying an additional building!  Our new space will improve our ability to provide great care.  Holly Ridge Center’s staff has greater opportunity to work together, schedule and deliver specialized services and reduce wait times.

Enhancing our treatment areas and providing more space for equipment will help our staff focus on each child and their family, and less on juggling rooms, tools, and equipment. Our new building will feature:

  • An adaptive playground
  • Dedicated therapy and service areas for speech, vocational assessments, parent education, occupational and physical therapy and more
  • Expanded autism services
  • A room to teach adult living skills to the 200 adults we serve annually

Through this capital campaign we are purchasing a space where differing abilities and special needs will become more visible in our community, helping us to continue fostering attitudes of inclusion, advocacy, and acceptance. Adult Employment Services clients will have more transportation options to directly access the new building.

We invite you to join us!  We’d love to share more about our Imagine the Possibilities campaign.  Follow Holly Ridge on Facebook and subscribe to our mailing list through www.hollyridge.org to stay up to date on this exciting project.  Would you like to be more involved?  If so, contact Erica Delma, Holly Ridge Center Development Director, at edelma@hollyridge.org.

How can the community contact your organization?:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hollyridgecenter
Phone: 360.373.2536