Rejoice! State Food Policy Council Established by Washington State Governor


Today in Washington State, local food advocates applaud the establishment of a state food policy council. Governor Christine Gregoire signed Executive Order 10-02, which will add Washington to the ranks of states and other local governments that recognize the value of bringing together farmers, farm-workers, food distributors and retailers, public health professionals, environmentalists, anti-hunger advocates, community members and key government agencies to strengthen our state’s food and farming system.

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Food stamps to be accepted at Bremerton Farmers Market

From the Bremerton Patriot website, columnist Lynsi Burton details the coming of EBT, debit & credit to the Bremerton Farmers Market, along with the successes of the WIC and Senior FMNP voucher programs, also supported by Bremerton Farmers Market.

Food stamps to be accepted at Bremerton Farmers Market

Note: EBT, debit and credit payment options will be available at the Bremerton Farmers Market beginning June 17th.

Take Part Article: Are Pesticides Giving Our Kids ADHD?

Here is a link to a great blog post on about a recent study written about in Time regarding the startling links between pesticide residue in children’s urine samples and the highest incidence of ADHD.

Thankfully, all the edible and food producing plants, fruits, and veggies currently sold at the Bremerton Farmers Market are reported, by the farmer, to be grown using organic methods.  We are proud to offer you the freshest, healthiest food to nourish your body!

Success in the WA Legislature!

This article, written by Jackie Aitchison, Washington State Farmers Market Association Executive Director and Poulsbo Farmers Market Manager, details the huge success our network of farmers market advocates celebrated with the recent short session of the Washington State Legislature to preserve the tax-exempt status of non-profit organizations who allow use of their sites for farmers markets.

Grassroots Advocacy in Washington State: A Success Story