Music, food, fun! – Thursday, June 2


It’s all here. Come on down!

Have you noticed the great music at Market? Take a few minutes and have a seat, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sounds around you. Every week there’s something new, from gypsy jazz and blues, to fiddling duos and vaudeville.

You’ll want to pick up something delicious for dinner too. We have some excellent, quality meat vendors. There’s pork, chicken, and beef. Other proteins are close at hand with smoked cheeses, and eggs (get your duck eggs before they sell out).
Veggie options are deliciously endless, and every week brings something new. Last week there were fresh sugar snap peas at market. Peas of all sorts are a true springtime treat. For example:

Sugar snap peas (pictured above) are super sweet, with fat, crunchy pods and green peas inside.
Snow peas are edible pods too, but generally don’t have much pea inside, and the pod is flat, not fat.
English peas, or shelling peas contribute only the pea, but not the pod, to our dinners.

Take a look in the sidebar for some easy sugar-snap pea cookery ideas.

And don’t forget dessert! It’s your reward for everything you do all week long.

Come to market and Thursday will be your favorite day of the week. See you there!

Join the Basket Challenge!


Last week we collected 13 pounds of food for the Bremerton Foodline. Great start! How much can we collect this week?

The Bremerton Foodline accepts donations of perishable and non-perishable food items. You can even donate fresh fruit and produce from your home garden — but no home-canned goods. www,


Vendors for May 26, 2016:

The Whiskey Jackets

Community Organizations:
WSU Master Gardeners
Kitsap Public Health
Bremerton Family YMCA

Abundantly Green: Organic chicken, beef, pork, free-range eggs, produce
Bird Song Acres: Chicken and duck eggs
Davis Farm – Back a Market with strawberries and flowers!
Gregory Farm / Johnson Orchards: Local produce, plus organic fruit from Eastern WA
Hayton Berry Farm: bringing strawberries and raspberries this week!
High Point Family Farm: USDA pork and lamb; eggs
KaasHill Farm: Goats milk soaps
Patchwork Gardens – fresh salad greens
Pheasant Fields Farm: Local produce, veggie starts
Shallow Roots Ranch: Variety of farmstead products like creams, soaps, honey, candles and birdseed
Short’s Family Farm: USDA beef
Taylor’s Honey Farm: Local honey
Thong Xiang Garden: Sugar-snap peas and sweet pea flowers this week

Prepared & Processed Food:
Alana Lu Hawaiian Barbeque
Carters: Souvlaki and ice cream
CJ’s Evergreen General Store & Catering
Crimson Cove Smoked Specialties
: mini donuts and other goodies
Kettlelishess Corn – we have a diabetic blend kettlecorn made with Truvia
Laughing Dog Kitchen: Vegan and gluten-free baked goods
Mad Moose Pizza: wood-fired pizza
Mama Suzy’s Sweets: yummy baked goods

Diane’s Dezines: jewelry and fused glass
Inspired by Athena – Now selling hand-dipped incense sticks. Stop by and give them a sniff (plus, even better when lit)
Living4theIamIam: Crochet goods, jewelry, magnets, and more
Made in Manette: hand-sewn and knitted gifts and household items
Museables: Hair accessories
Pottery by Vincent – Unique stamped and formed vessels
Rachel’s Copper Creations: copper roses and windchimes
Rengoose Creations: Art prints, buttons, bags, cards and more
RNR Originals: hand-knitted creations
Tiny Mushroom People

Handy Andy Magic Man – the professional class clown! Ballons, fun, and more.



So many kinds. So many opportunities! Let’s sort them out:

Sugar snap peas (pictured above) are super sweet, with fat, crunchy pods and green peas inside.
Snow peas are edible pods too, but generally don’t have much pea inside, and the pod is flat, not fat.
English peas, or shelling peasjust contribute the pea, but not the pod, to our meals. But, oh how perfect they are.

We’ve been seeing sugar snap peas at market lately. What do you do with them? Share your ideas Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Eat them raw! So delicious.
  • Slice them up at an angle and garnish a salad
  • Slice a bowl-full, drizzle with olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Garnish with toasted sliced almonds and some fresh mint.
  • Saute some garlic in butter, toss in the peas and cook for a couple minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

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