Join us for Chicken Day – June 14 from 4-7pm

The Bremerton Farmers Market is holding a new event at the market this year; Chicken Day will be held on Thursday, June 14 at Evergreen Park from 4 – 7pm.

Chicken Day is a celebration of the new chicken ordinance which was approved by Bremerton City Council in May 2012, which increases the number of allowed hens from four to five.  If you have been considering getting chickens of your own, this is a great opportunity to learn more about what it’s like to have chickens in Bremerton.

There will be a handout about the new chicken ordinance with a list of guidelines, resources on where to purchase chickens and chicken feed, and information on how to build or where to purchase a chicken coop.

{Photo by Marie Vila, chicken owner, BFM Board Member and vendor Bon Bon Bakery}

This event will have many vendors participating in the theme of Chicken Day; for example, there will be chicken printed aprons and other chicken crafted products, eggs for sale and chicken themed baked goods. Kitsap Regional Library will be in attendance and will have a booth display of chicken books, there will also be an opportunity to sign up for library cards.  Chicks will be available to purchase from Raincreek Pottery & Poultry, and full grown hens Princess, Sunny and Popcorn will be available to pet and feed (children are encouraged to attend).

The market will also host free chicken mini-classes by 12-year old chicken whisperer, Lina Fowler, who has chickens of her own at her home in Bremerton. She will share her experiences with chickens, provide information about the types of chickens and eggs, and tips on handling chickens. The mini-classes will begin at 4:30pm, 5:15pm and 6:00pm in the center of the market at Evergreen Park.

Join us Thursday from 4-7pm for this fun and interactive community event! We look forward to seeing you there.

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