At the Market on Thursday, June 9

Bremerton Farmers Market — Week of June 9
Join us at the market this week as we welcome better growing weather with more plant starts and produce!  Sunshine is expected, and we’ll be starting off our official “Flamingo Naming Contest” at the Market Booth!! (You will have to stop to see what all the fuss is about!)  Plus, live music from Terrence Enyeart!

photo from May 2011

At the Market this Week:
NEW & FEATURED ITEMS in GREEN below (Full list at
Terrence Enyeart

Celestial Dream Gardens
Clark Farms
Flying Dog Farm – Our special this week is our yummy mild Italian sausage for $5 per one pound package.  Now is a great time to stock up or just give it a try! 
Hansville Creamery – introducing a new line of spinning bats to the market this week. Lindsey takes the wool/mohair/angora fibers from their animals, uses natural dyes, then cards them into batts ready for spinning into yarn. She will also be bringing new drop spindles made over the weekend, and she can teach anyone how to spin should they wish to. Lindsey will also be bringing cheese kits this week — the recipes include Easy Chevre or Fromage Blanc, Ricotta, Paneer, and Fancy Basket Cheese.
Harlow Gardens / Garden Bugs – greens, red oak leaf and red leaf lettuce, veggie plants, herbs and flowers.
Pheasant Fields Farm – featuring pepper and eggplant starts this week!
Ramon Ayala Farms
Secret Garden Lavender & Herb Farm
Sirena Pepper’s Garden & Gallery– featuring lots of really large tomato plants this week
Start Now
Wyckels Farm – Lettuce, Asian greens, scallions and radishes

Bon Bon Bakery – fresh fruit tarts, baby cakes, cupcakes, biscotti + lavender shortbread and the “knock-your-socks-off” big cake this week: Almond butter cake with raspberry buttercream frosting!
Borrowed Kitchen Bakery – back at the Market this week!
CJ’s Evergreen General Store – featuring BBQ corn & homemade pie – YUM!
Crimson Cove
Hummingbird Hill Soda
London Maid Crumpets – now also bringing fresh crackers to the market! Serving them hot & toasted — and with ricotta & raspberry jam!
Morning Side Bakery
Mt. Townsend Creamery

Scoops Roasted Nuts & Bavarian Bratwurstfeaturing their delicious Nuremburg bratwurst sandwiches (NEW!)
Sherwood Bakery
Viking Feast Ice Cream
World’s Best Kettle Korn

A Glass Act
Anything but White – Anything But White’s Tie dye booth will be letting the kids at the market take turns blowing colorful bubbles to chase around the park! Power up those lungs and get your lips ready to pucker up!
Diane’s Dezines
June Carrol Enterprises
Made in Manette – Made in Manette gets the blues! (and a few greens)  Stop by to see the new colors for summer!
Mel’s Bells – featuring prayer bracelets with Stars of David and semi-precious stones!
Mistarian Roses – Our fused glass pieces start with System 96 Glass sheets, made in Woodinville, WA.  Glass is cut to shape, carefully arranged into designs, and then spends time in a balmy 1500 – 1700 degree kiln.  We hold our breath, anxiously awaiting the 8 hour cool down period to see how the “little pretties” turn out.  Once the pieces are cleaned, we scrutinize them for quality, tossing ones that don’t make the mark, and spend time debating whether the keepers will grow up to be earrings, pendants, or magnets.  Drop on by and let us know what you think of our selections!    
Natural Aquatics
Raimbeau Candles
Red Spiral Henna

RNR Originals
Sue’s Lavender + More!

Emmy’s Vege House
The Old Wheelbarrow
Glenwood Gardens
Gregory Farm
Sungate Dahlias
Terrapin Farms

Check out our FULL list of 2011 vendors and products at

WSU Master Gardeners

Bremerton Farmers Market The Market Seeds are now just $2 / packet!!  We will also be having a NAMING CONTEST for our 2 new pink flamingoes!  They help point out the market booth and greet folks as they walk around the market!  Stop by the booth to help name them & find out about the winning prizes!
And don’t forget — if you need to get tokens (for Debit / Credit / EBT), just ask the Market Manager, and she can get you taken care of right away!

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