And, so, the countdown beings…

It takes a village to support a Farmers Market. Thankfully, Bremerton Farmers Market is surrounded by a pretty awesome community. Inspired by the farmer, Master Gardener, and fellow community member who pledged their support to the Bremerton Farmers Market two weeks ago, regular Market participant and local foods blogger, Brandy Williams, stepped up to offer her Sponsorship for the BFM, too.

We thank you, Brandy, for braving the rain last week and for shopping the Market week in and week out. Your sponsorship helps sustain the goals and mission of the Bremerton Farmers Market. Check out Brandy’s blog to find out more about this intrepid local food and farming aficionado:

Gregory Farm – blueberries, peaches, nectarines, and apples from Eastern WA, plus zucchini, onions, and beets from Paul’s farm. WIC/FMNP/EBT and debit/credit accepted. Produce grown using organic methods.

Glenwood Gardens – perennials and conifers; EBT accepted for eligible reasons; debit/credit tokens redeemable. Produce grown using organic methods.

Pheasant Fields Farm – potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, beets, cabbage, chard, kale, garlic, green onions, large salad onions, summer squash, English cucumbers, slicing and pickling cucumbers, an assortment of herbs, lettuce bowls, pepper plants – and farm fresh eggs. WIC/FMNP/EBT and debit/credit accepted. Produce grown using organic methods.

StartNow – basil, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant and greens, plus elegant lettuce and arugula. WIC/FMNP/EBT accepted. Produce grown using organic methods.

CJ’s Evergreen General Store – BBQ’d corn, burgers (beef, salmon, or veggie), hot dogs, or a sausage and pie, cookies, or granola and a soda. Also, local honey, jams, salsa, and beef jerky. FMNP/EBT accepted for eligible items; debit/credit tokens accepted.

Crimson Cove – smoked sea salt, smoked nut sea salt, smoked nuts, black cod, salmon, mozzarella, cheddar, and other cheeses, plus salmon fromage blanc. EBT and debit/credit tokens accepted.

Hummingbird Hills Soda – 14 varieties of homemade sodas. EBT accepted for eligible items; debit/credit tokens accepted.

Sersie’s Seasonings – Spices and seasoning mixes. Xcentric Girl pins. EBT accepted for eligible items; debit/credit tokens accepted.

Viking Feast Ice Cream – Flavors this week will be: Candy Apple, Idun’s Apple Cobbler, Freyja’s Chocolate Mousse, Arctic Vanilla, Raspberry Cream, and Peach Cobbler of Asgard. EBT accepted for eligible items; debit/credit tokens accepted.

Diane’s Dezines – necklaces, bracelets, gemstone or wire wrapped jewelry pieces, cell phone cases, and accessories. Debit/credit tokens accepted.

Made in Manette – handmade aprons, clothespin bags, soaps, and knitted goods. Debit/credit tokens accepted.

Mel’s Bells Jewelry – beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, plus new design your own “Pandora” style jewelry. Debit/credit tokens accepted.

Serenity Now – jarred candles and votives, melts, travel tins, and pillars, plus, for your edgier side, metal garden art and planters. Debit/credit tokens accepted.

Bremerton Farmers Market – Support your local farmers market by becoming a Community Member for $30 a year. Stop by the market booth and talk with our Market Manager for more information. Also available in the Market Booth are regional guides to farmers markets and farms, information about buying local, and the eNews binder and sign up sheet. Come to this booth to purchase EBT tokens (available in $1 increments) or $5 tokens with your debit/credit card.

Kitsap County Master Gardeners – Bring all your gardening questions to the Master Gardeners, who share the Market Info booth; you can even bring them a sample or picture of your ill plant for diagnosis.

*List of participating vendors is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Harlow Gardens
London Maid Crumpets & Crackers (returns September 30)
Sandy’s Gourmet Indulgence (returns September 30)
Scoops Roasted Nuts & Bavarian Bratwursts (will return in 2011)
Works by Ariegaw (will return in 2011)

Sept 23rd, 30th and Oct 7th & 14th – Jeff Berger (contemporary country)

You can help support the Market by becoming a Community Member (for just $30 a season), or a Sponsor, to help us bring musicians to the market, allow for additional seating, and educational events within the Market. To learn more about becoming a Sponsor, visit our website ( and click on the “Be a Sponsor” tab.

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