A little bit Country

Is it next week already? Time flies! The news from Doug’s meeting with the parks department is not what we had hoped. Due to their not being any vehicle access to the grassy parts of Evergreen Park, or other parks in the city, the Bremerton Farmers Market will not be able to move out of the parking lot this season.

Therefore, we will continue to do our best to keep our vendors out of the general parking areas for Evergreen Park and the surrounding neighborhoods and look for alternate parking options. You can help by walking or biking to the Market, too! In the end, the goal is to make the Bremerton Farmers Market accessible to everyone, which does not include parking tickets, but wholesome foods and the wonderful community meeting place the Market has become.

Part of our commitment to accessibility is offering food stamp redemption in the Market, as well as debit/credit payment options. Remember to “purchase” your tokens from the Market Manager – the lady in the chicken apron – for spending with vendors in the Market.

Glenwood Gardens – perennials, drought resistant shrubs, and dwarf conifers with fantastic foliage, and newly blooming echinaceas .

Gregory Farm – blueberries, peaches, nectarines, and apples from Eastern WA, plus zucchini, onions, and beets from Paul’s farm. WIC/FMNP/EBT accepted. Produce grown using organic methods.

Harlow Gardens – Summer squash, pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, Swiss chard, kale, garlic, shallots, flat leaf parsley, green beans, and maybe blueberries. WIC/FMNP/EBT accepted. Produce grown using organic methods.

Pheasant Fields Farm – potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, beets, cabbage, chard, kale, garlic, green onions, large salad onions, summer squash, English cucumbers, slicing and pickling cucumbers, an assortment of herbs, lettuce bowls, pepper plants – and farm fresh eggs. WIC/FMNP/EBT accepted. Produce grown using organic methods.

StartNow – basil, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant and greens, plus elegant lettuce and arugula. WIC/FMNP/EBT accepted. Produce grown using organic methods.

CJ’s Evergreen General Store – BBQ’d corn, burgers (beef, salmon, or veggie), hot dogs, or a sausage and pie, cookies, or granola and a soda. Also, local honey, jams, salsa, and beef jerky. FMNP/EBT accepted for eligible items.

Hummingbird Hills Soda – 14 varieties of homemade sodas. EBT accepted for eligible items.

London Maid Crumpets – crumpets by the package and rosemary crackers. EBT accepted.

Sandy’s Gourmet Indulgence – chocolates, caramel covered snacks and apples, chocolate dipped marshmallows, frozen bananas, and more, plus hot meatball sandwich, Chicken Salad or Egg Salad sandwiches, all served with a side of Polynesian Coleslaw or Waldorf Salad. EBT accepted for eligible items.

Scoops Roasted Nuts & Bavarian Bratwursts – Lean Nuremburg brats served two on a roll with onions and/or sauerkraut. Also, variety of roasted nuts. EBT accepted for eligible items.

Sersie’s Seasonings – Spices and seasoning mixes. Xcentric Girl pins. EBT accepted for eligible items.

Viking Feast Ice Cream – Flavors this week will be Arctic Vanilla, Blueberry Bounty, Lemon Meringue, Loganberry and Orchards of Asgard. EBT accepted for eligible items.

Authentic African Art – handmade, collapsible grass baskets

Catalina Crafts – handmade cards, paintings, photography, bracelets, painted clothing and journals

Diane’s Dezines – necklaces, bracelets, gemstone or wire wrapped jewelry pieces, cell phone cases, and accessories.

Hakuna Matata (NEW) – handmade clothing items, some from recycled fabrics, fleece capes, purses, lightweight scarves, and farm art

Made in Manette – Knitted goods, soaps, aprons, and clothes pin bags

Bremerton Farmers Market – Support your local farmers market by becoming a Community Member for $30 a year. Stop by the market booth and talk with our Market Manager for more information. Also available in the Market Booth are regional guides to farmers markets and farms, information about buying local, and the eNews binder and sign up sheet. Come to this booth to purchase EBT tokens (available in $1 increments) or $5 tokens with your debit/credit card.

Kitsap County Master Gardeners – Bring all your gardening questions to the Master Gardeners, who share the Market Info booth; you can even bring them a sample or picture of your ill plant for diagnosis.

*List of participating vendors is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Crimson Cove (returns September 2)
Maudie Beez Cheesecake Bouquets
Mel’s Bells Jewelry (returns September 2)
Serenity Now
The Old Wheelbarrow
Unicorn Glass Design

August 26th – Kinda Country (classic country) – THIS WEEK
Sept 9th – Billy and Gracie Tea (blues, folk, gypsy jazz duo)
Sept 16th – Rangers & the Re-Arrangers (gypsy jazz)


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