Protein University Network

“PROTEIN U is creating the first sustainable butcher network in the United States, supporting responsible farms and heritage species of livestock. Our mission is to create an online resource populated with a family tree of butchery techniques from whole animal breakdowns to sausage making from across the globe.

Today, top restaurants and butcher shops are sourcing whole animals from responsible farms across the country. Participating provides ethical and economical benefits, but something is still missing. Those sharing the ideology of “pasture to plate” are looking to expand butchery techniques but our educational system is lacking an online resource. We need a 24-hour a day channel of butcher techniques complete with a network of farms, cutrooms, mobile processors and kitchens from across the globe. ProteinU is creating a “peer to peer” network with a goal to preserve the art of the butcher. Enter the contest and win a trip to the butcher retreat, there will be plenty meat, fire and good times had by all.”

Submit your application and a videos by visiting
-or- for instructions visit:

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