Stronger Than Ever

Hi Everyone –

As has been publicly observed, there’s been a little drama within the cogs of the BFM operations lately.

But! We’ve picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and we’re moving on!

We’ve got super strong support from the City of Bremerton, which we’re forever thankful on working with us on our lease.

Our state association, Washington State Farmers Market Association, is behind us 110% and we will continue to vend at our current location at Evergreen-Rotary Park every Thursday, from 4-7 p.m. through mid-October.

Our mission has not changed since the market’s official start in 2006. Our first and foremost goal is to provide an opportunity for farmers to sell their locally grown produce. And ALL of our farmers are local.

As for the reselling issue:  Yes, there are one or two farmers who trek to Eastern Washington bring back produce to sell at BFM. HOWEVER – there are STRICT stipulations that come with it, including the produce must be something not reliably grown in our local area, and the board of directors MUST approve what the vendor wants to sell. That’s it. The board keeps a close eye on this issue. We’re not out to become the next Safeway – the idea was to offer a little variety, but NEVER impede on the market’s mission: local fresh produce.

And it is spelled out on page 2 in our rules and policies, which can be found here:

We’re putting the past behind us and  looking forward to being at market this week, while sustaining the warm atmosphere that this market has worked so hard to create the several years as one of Kitsap’s fastest growing and very successful markets.

We hope that you’ll continue to join us every week as we continue to support and celebrate our farmers, artisans and the community.

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